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#Goals (#vacation? I still can’t decide.), the next part

Or, weird things that happen when I travel. Okay, if you haven't seen the last post, go read it. Trust me. It's fine. I'll wait... Great! Now that you've read it, you have the back-story that you probably didn't actually need in order to appreciate (read) this one. It was worth the wait. I'm so… Continue reading #Goals (#vacation? I still can’t decide.), the next part


Hashtag Goals (#goals? #vacation?), the first part

Several folks have asked my husband and I over the years how we met and have gregariously proclaimed that we are, "hashtag couple goals." Considering sometimes I have to look at him and say, "do that thing I like" - which means take your kid and vacate the premises for a minimum of two hours… Continue reading Hashtag Goals (#goals? #vacation?), the first part