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Concise Confessions, Volume 1

I spent several summers at camp - church camp, some, but mostly day camps. I won sportsmanship awards at every camp. It was because I didn’t want to play sports, so I let everyone else take my turns. #confessions

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Popsicles, Sick Days, Cherokee Marriage Customs and the Novel Coronavirus

Day 10 Day 11 of COVID-19 infection is just as bad as day 5 when your immune system is already compromised, in case you were wondering. I worked some in the past few days since I work from home and - to be fair - I didn't know it was COVID for the first five… Continue reading Popsicles, Sick Days, Cherokee Marriage Customs and the Novel Coronavirus

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#Goals (#vacation? I still can’t decide.), the next part

Or, weird things that happen when I travel. Okay, if you haven't seen the last post, go read it. Trust me. It's fine. I'll wait... Great! Now that you've read it, you have the back-story that you probably didn't actually need in order to appreciate (read) this one. It was worth the wait. I'm so… Continue reading #Goals (#vacation? I still can’t decide.), the next part

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I'm sitting on my couch in chunky-knit socks with holes in them and a stained sweatshirt with the neck cut out of it. I'm watching musicals and eating a Christmas box of assorted chocolates like I just went through a Bridget Jones-level breakup. And I just found out over the past week that times like… Continue reading Focus

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Fire and Ice… and Hope

In December of 1920, Robert Frost published what would become his most famous poem of all time, "Fire and Ice." (Don't worry - this post isn't literary criticism, but I would like to set the stage for my thoughts.) The poem was not like his prior work; it was compact, succinct, but layered with meaning.… Continue reading Fire and Ice… and Hope

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My Anti-resolution

I have a confession. I hate New Year's resolutions. I hate them for me, I hate other people's, and I think we should unite as a society and rise against them. Also, it has taken me way too long to realize how fun it is to post a blog and hear my husband's resultant sigh… Continue reading My Anti-resolution

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The Best of Both Diets – a New Year’s Post

It is New Year's Eve, 2018. If the idiots people down the road would stop setting off fireworks 48 minutes before midnight, I would be asleep right now. Hey, it's been a new year in several other countries for well over 24 hours, already, so I don't need any judgment. *Thanks.* I'm ringing in 2019… Continue reading The Best of Both Diets – a New Year’s Post

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The Greatest Fear: a journal entry in real time

There will probably be some typos, cliches, run-on sentences, and disjointed thoughts here. You've been warned. My husband is asleep in the next room after being home all day, sick. He will not love this post. I have to write it, because I have to get it out of me, and he will not love… Continue reading The Greatest Fear: a journal entry in real time

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We Don’t Do That Here

I've been exploring and talking a lot about my feelings over the past couple of weeks. I hate doing that. I'm not good at it; it's incredibly inconvenient because if I talk about them I have to reflect on them and if I reflect on them I have to admit I'm not perfect and that… Continue reading We Don’t Do That Here