Hashtag Goals (#goals? #vacation?), the first part

Several folks have asked my husband and I over the years how we met and have gregariously proclaimed that we are, "hashtag couple goals." Considering sometimes I have to look at him and say, "do that thing I like" - which means take your kid and vacate the premises for a minimum of two hours… Continue reading Hashtag Goals (#goals? #vacation?), the first part



60 documented conditions. 46 documented medications - many of them repeats of the same drug at different doses. And that's just from two years. On top of the 15 prior years when those from before got it wrong according to those from today. But they only just think it. There's no proof either way, except… Continue reading Tally


Random, Yet Brief

A quick but clear look into my life as an adequately successful 37-year-old woman... ...because that renewal I mentioned for this domain happened sometime in the last week. (Surprise!) All of these things are true: I received a leadership award last week during our annual summit at work.I presented with other esteemed and incredibly gifted,… Continue reading Random, Yet Brief


At Least the Dog Is Living His Best Life

I spent the day as a human bolster for my dog, who loves to snuggle and who spent his day rearranging himself on my lap for optimal napping. He is undoubtedly living his best life considering we found him under a tobacco wagon after a nursing home attendant told my husband she had been feeding… Continue reading At Least the Dog Is Living His Best Life



I got the news at 20 minutes past 10 PM on Wednesday night, July 1st. I was told there was a motorcycle accident and you didn't make it. You were the one on the motorcycle. I can’t process it. Jordan Benjamin - or "Jordy B." as I've called you since your birth - you went… Continue reading Remembering


Hairy Situations (instead of tips on acing a colonoscopy – you’re welcome)

Here's something fun: I went to the doctor in March right before the pandemic situation went crazy and she told me she's pretty sure any GI diagnosis I got in the past has been incorrect or - at the very least - was not treated properly. She said this because no one in my medical… Continue reading Hairy Situations (instead of tips on acing a colonoscopy – you’re welcome)


Love Letters

"Are we beginning to commend ourselves again? Or do we need, like some, letters of recommendation to you or from you? You yourselves are our letter, written on our hearts, known and read by everyone. You show that you are Christ's letter, delivered by us, not written with ink but with the Spirit of the… Continue reading Love Letters


A Minty Blast from My Past

Apparently, it's my 6th anniversary with WordPress. Who knew? I certainly didn't. I simply realized I hadn't posted in forever (again) and thought it might be time to throw down a few lines while my husband watches grown men throw down each other, or throw chairs down on each other. (Wrestling is not my entertainment… Continue reading A Minty Blast from My Past


Jesus, Wine, and Chocolate (because jail is real)

Y'all, it has been a day of discovery. I learned today that I have not yet arrived to the point in my salvation where I can cover everyone with perfect grace/mercy. Well, it was reiterated. It's a journey, folks, and I know my truth. I also learned today what it means when people say things… Continue reading Jesus, Wine, and Chocolate (because jail is real)

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The Greatest Fear: a journal entry in real time

There will probably be some typos, cliches, run-on sentences, and disjointed thoughts here. You've been warned. My husband is asleep in the next room after being home all day, sick. He will not love this post. I have to write it, because I have to get it out of me, and he will not love… Continue reading The Greatest Fear: a journal entry in real time