I got the news at 20 minutes past 10 PM on Wednesday night, July 1st. I was told there was a motorcycle accident and you didn't make it. You were the one on the motorcycle. I can’t process it. Jordan Benjamin - or "Jordy B." as I've called you since your birth - you went… Continue reading Remembering


Hairy Situations (instead of tips on acing a colonoscopy – you’re welcome)

Here's something fun: I went to the doctor in March right before the pandemic situation went crazy and she told me she's pretty sure any GI diagnosis I got in the past has been incorrect or - at the very least - was not treated properly. She said this because no one in my medical… Continue reading Hairy Situations (instead of tips on acing a colonoscopy – you’re welcome)


Mother’s Day as a Step-parent

As I sit here, the sounds of my 11-year-old son and my husband wrestling the daylights out of each other (and probably injuring an arm and a kidney or two between them) are literally vibrating through the house, followed by squeals of delights and the yowls of defeat (mostly coming from my husband, it seems).… Continue reading Mother’s Day as a Step-parent


Real Text Conversations: Hubs Edition

Hubs: What's for dinner? Me: Will we have both kids? Hubs: Yes. Me: I say we pick a kid and eat them. Hubs: That's weird. Me: I'm just running out of ideas. ... We could make Haley cook. Hubs: I don't want Hamburger Helper.  I'll just stop by the grocery store. Me: I guess we… Continue reading Real Text Conversations: Hubs Edition