Of Grass, Glass, and Neighbors

This is NOT an old draft. Repeat, this is not an old draft. This is new - from today. You're welcome. (Or, I'm sorry - but I'm not really sorry, so ha!) I experienced a selfish delight today that I didn't even know existed. I'm not sure if I'm proud of it because I haven't… Continue reading Of Grass, Glass, and Neighbors


Ginger Ale and Funeral Plans

Look! I found another blog post I wrote at least a year ago and never published! It's like Christmas in October, but not on the Hallmark Channel! Cheers! There is something deeply unsettling about realizing that if you were asked the age-old question about what you would take with you if you knew you were… Continue reading Ginger Ale and Funeral Plans


Your Problems Are Stupid

GUESS WHAT!? I just realized this week that I still pay for this domain and that I've written a ton of blog posts that I never published. (Yes, that's silly.) The following is one of them from either last year or the year before, because I have also decided that paying for a domain where… Continue reading Your Problems Are Stupid


Under Attack

(I know, I know. It has been forever since I posted. You're fine. Deep breaths.) I just waged war against the animal kingdom. I'll keep you posted on whether I win or not. In the meantime, know that it started with a hard-fought battle in the wee hours of the night and that many, many… Continue reading Under Attack


Goddess of May

In late April a few years ago, I was coming home from work and noticed something. With the windows down, driving over the ridge just past the river, I noticed that the coltish, freshly bloomed youth of Spring in April was giving way to something more mature, something richer. Over the past few nights I… Continue reading Goddess of May


Lovely & Hateful Things, Parts Dos

Things I Hate, continued... (really #47, but I'm too lazy to figure out how to start back a cleanly numbered list at 47 and not 1) hearing people chew (it's just gross) know-it-alls (This is so hard for me, because I am one, and I know this, but I don't like it when other people… Continue reading Lovely & Hateful Things, Parts Dos


Things I Love (because life should be balanced and because I was told I have to write this next)

Starburst jelly beans cheap wine expensive wine the fact that just because I love wine people will think I'm a lush (I'm totally not. I have a glass - maybe two - every other day or less. My doctor told me it's one of the best things I can do for myself as long as… Continue reading Things I Love (because life should be balanced and because I was told I have to write this next)


Things I Hate (or, that make me want to poke my eyes out) Part One

feelings (see previous post) hamburgers (Okay, so once every three or four months I'll crave a thickburger from Hardee's or something, but then I'm done.) also, meatloaf (only bread should come in a loaf) pushy people doing the dishes having plans made for me without being consulted being told what to do (see #4) being… Continue reading Things I Hate (or, that make me want to poke my eyes out) Part One

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We Don’t Do That Here

I've been exploring and talking a lot about my feelings over the past couple of weeks. I hate doing that. I'm not good at it; it's incredibly inconvenient because if I talk about them I have to reflect on them and if I reflect on them I have to admit I'm not perfect and that… Continue reading We Don’t Do That Here


How to Throw a Solid Pity Party

*Note: this is not meant to be serious - mostly.* I have always loved to make lists. I write them on Post-its daily, on the refrigerator (which I use as a whiteboard), on napkins, and during a brief stint in elementary school, I would even write them on walls. And I haven't included one here,… Continue reading How to Throw a Solid Pity Party