goals, reflections


I'm sitting on my couch in chunky-knit socks with holes in them and a stained sweatshirt with the neck cut out of it. I'm watching musicals and eating a Christmas box of assorted chocolates like I just went through a Bridget Jones-level breakup. And I just found out over the past week that times like… Continue reading Focus


Random, Yet Brief

A quick but clear look into my life as an adequately successful 37-year-old woman... ...because that renewal I mentioned for this domain happened sometime in the last week. (Surprise!) All of these things are true: I received a leadership award last week during our annual summit at work.I presented with other esteemed and incredibly gifted,… Continue reading Random, Yet Brief


At Least the Dog Is Living His Best Life

I spent the day as a human bolster for my dog, who loves to snuggle and who spent his day rearranging himself on my lap for optimal napping. He is undoubtedly living his best life considering we found him under a tobacco wagon after a nursing home attendant told my husband she had been feeding… Continue reading At Least the Dog Is Living His Best Life