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Concise Confessions, Volume 1

I spent several summers at camp - church camp, some, but mostly day camps. I won sportsmanship awards at every camp. It was because I didn’t want to play sports, so I let everyone else take my turns. #confessions


Random, Yet Brief

A quick but clear look into my life as an adequately successful 37-year-old woman... ...because that renewal I mentioned for this domain happened sometime in the last week. (Surprise!) All of these things are true: I received a leadership award last week during our annual summit at work.I presented with other esteemed and incredibly gifted,… Continue reading Random, Yet Brief


Welcome to The Persnickety Pen…

...where I used to put helpful things like writing tips for people who found themselves at the impossible crossroads of writing something and writing something well.  I have since decided there are enough of those sites, and I'd rather write about something far more interesting to me: namely, me. So, for better or for blah,… Continue reading Welcome to The Persnickety Pen…